Of all

Two robotic arms

250 drinks/hour

Higher efficiency

Toni Veloce

Unparalleled Speed

A true innovator in the world of bartending, Toni Veloce can precisely prepare any drink in seconds.

Delivery spots

The elegant counter comes with up to sixteen delivery spots, which will light up stylishly when drinks are made and placed on them.

Magic bottles

The dispensing system can be pre-loaded with sixteen different types of spirits, which allows Toni Veloce to mix drinks at unprecedented levels of speed.

Display system

The two screen panels gives customers real-time updates on the order status, giving clear indicators to when they will be ready to enjoy the futuristic drinks.

Catch up if you can

No queuing required

Toni Veloce features two mechanical arms that operate independently. With the help of the Magic Bottle dispensing system, the robot has the ability to pour any drink precisely in 15 seconds, making it the ultimate solution for any high-traffic location around the world.


The taste of future


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