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GOOGLE I/O @ San Francisco

Designed by the researchers and engineers at MIT Senseable City Lab in collaboration with The Coca Cola Company and Bacardi Rum, the first Makr Shakr prototype was unveiled in 2013 at Google I/O After Hours in San Francisco.

To create an engaging bar experience, the robots’ movements were modeled after the elegant choreography of Marco Pelle, resident choreographer of New York Theatre Ballet.

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Makr Shakr in partnership with

Makr Shakr has a long-term partnership with Royal Caribbean, helping the high-end cruise line craft a transformative space for leisure and entertainment.

BIONIC BAR @ Royal Caribbean

One of the most distinctive robotic concepts in the world, the Bionic Bar was born in 2014 and has been deployed in nine of RCC’s top-of-the-range vessels.

Over the years, the bar has become synonymous with the cruise line. The two robotic arms provide a wide range of drink options and personalized cocktails recommendations, ensuring that passengers can enjoy their favorite beverages around the clock.

Having such a dazzling feature as a centerpiece, the bar has enjoyed an increase in sales and lots of hype.

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