From Makr Shakr TONI to Italdesign’s Pop.Up Next. From Scribit to Lift-Bit.

The RoboTO event, setup in Turin, Italy throughout summer 2018, hosts several projects, each of them with a unique character and distinct purposes. But one similarity gathers all the designs exhibited. That is, they do all advocate the idea that new technologies can help us make our daily life easier, and perhaps even more fun.

RoboTO is created as a club that encourages meetings and discussions on issues such as automation, the future of work and urban life. We invite you to take part in this little experiment, which is open to everyone in Turin and beyond.

The projects exhibited at RoboTO, all make us imagine a different tomorrow; such as Makr Shakr 3.0, Makr Shakr’s robotic bartender with mechanical arms, or Scribit, a small write&erase robot creating wall-drawings based on live content from the web, or Pop.Up Next, Italdesign’s vision for a self-driving flying vehicle. In particular, with Makr Shakr 3.0, we imagine a future where everyone can become a skilled bartender able to personalize and create cocktails for his or her friends. In this way, machines become a tool to improve and augment social interactions.

Technology can be fun to play with. This summer, come at RoboTO innovation club to take part in the game.