Robotic bartender has prepared a whopping 1.7 million cocktails in 2022

December 21st, 2022

Makr Shakr announces the results of its 2022 year-end data analysis: it has served the largest number of cocktails in a year in the company’s history, with 1.7 million drinks shaken up by its robots across the globe. It reaffirms signs of resurgence observed by the market at large, and sets the stage for the brand’s international openings in 2023.

Robotic bartender producer Makr Shakr announces the number of cocktails produced in 2022. A total of 1.7 million glasses have been served in 14 venues across continents and on the sea, enough to quench the thirst of the adult population of Paris, or the state of Nevada. This represents the highest output level the brand has ever had in any given year, and coincides with the hospitality industry’s rebound from the COVID pandemic.

The analysis aggregates the number of drinks prepared by different Makr Shakr models throughout 2022 (a projection was made for the December figures). It depicts an upward trajectory in cocktail consumption, which is largely consistent with the numerous media and industry reports that the food and beverage business has made a comeback from the adversities inflicted by the COVID pandemic. Among the most productive are the robots of the Bionic Bar installed on nine of Royal Caribbean’s headline cruise ships. The collaboration between the robotic bartender and the cruise line harks back to 2014, and the former has now become one of the vacationers’ most familiar features onboard. 


In terms of the locations on land, the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas leads the way in output. Occupying a prominent position in The Strip’s shopping area, it showcases the future of mixology with robotic and human bartenders working side by side. Also noteworthy are the new openings in Sandbox VR London and Wind Creek Montgomery in Alabama. Toni and Toni Veloce became operational there in the middle of the year. Within a few months, they have gained a growing group of followers and warm feedback. 

Makr Shakr’s data analysts identified several key factors that contribute to the figures. During the pandemic crisis, restaurants and bars have increasingly turned to robotics as a solution to address the shortage of staff. Sensor-powered robots have been widely reported in media to have offered an efficient and consistent performance in restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues while adhering to high standards of hygiene. Another factor – unique to Makr Shakr’s robots – is their ability to keep customers entertained while waiting for their drinks, and to trigger social interactions inspired by the robots’ spectacular movements.

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