Robot Bartender Premieres in Abu Dhabi, Ushering in a New Vision for the Coffee-Cocktail Culture

November 30th, 2023

Updated: December 5th, 2023

The world’s leading producer of robot bartenders, Makr Shakr, unveils its groundbreaking Toni Compatto model, which can seamlessly serve coffee drinks, cocktails and mocktails, advancing the next biggest trends in hospitality and tech. The app-controlled Toni Compatto is to debut at Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023 before embarking on an international tour.

Makr Shakr, the world’s leading producer of robot bartenders, adds a new step to its innovative portfolio with the introduction of Toni Compatto, a high-performance robot bartender that bridges the once-at-odds worlds of coffee and cocktails, serving up to 60 drinks per hour with its mechanical arm. Its debut will take place in the city of Abu Dhabi, UAE, during the Abu Dhabi Finance Week (ADFW), on the 29th of November 2023, marking the start of its journey across multiple events.

In the evolving landscape of beverage culture, a new trend is emerging as coffee and cocktails are blending within the same realm. Makr Shakr’s Toni Compatto stands at the forefront of this emerging lifestyle choice. It proposes new ways to match the craftsmanship of coffee and the innovation of cocktails, inspiring fresh creative expressions and diverse consumer experiences.
As a result, aficionados can savor nuanced blends that blur the lines between day and night, celebrating the best of both worlds in a single sip.

"Abu Dhabi's rich Arabic coffee tradition and cultural diversity makes it the perfect setting to debut Toni Compatto," states CEO Emmanuele Rossetti: "Its advanced technology merges tradition and innovation, echoing the city's vibrant cultural fusion between the ancient roots of coffee and the evolving world of cocktails."

ADFW’s four-day event, unique in the global finance and innovation agenda, attracts a diverse audience converging from all parts of the world. Its second edition is expected to host up to 10,000 attendees flying from over 100 countries. Alongside engaging panels, afternoon jazz sessions and exciting social networking events with lively DJ sets will take place as the evening progresses. Toni Compatto and its innovative technology will be the ideal partner to accompany the seamless transition of events from day to nightwithin this diverse range.

After a debut at Singapore's Changi Airport in the Lotte duty-free store in early November 2023, and with plans of opening new locations across the United States and Europe in 2024, Makr Shakr strengthens its position as one of the most innovative companies reshaping the rules of service and entertainment.

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