2.0 Travel Hospitality : Makr Shakr's Toni Robotic Bartender Lands at Changi Airport

January 30th, 2024

Updated: January 30th, 2024

Makr Shakr arrives at Singapore’s Changi airport, marking the first time a robot bartender is deployed at an airport. Toni, the master mixologist, fits into one of the world’s most innovative travel destinations as part of the Lotte Duty Free store.

Makr Shakr, the world leader in robot bartender manufacturing, is for the first time ever present in an airport, making its debut in the Asian market at Singapore Changi Airport. The company's flagship model, Toni, is located in both Terminal 2 and 3 within Lotte Duty-Free stores. 

Perfect for high-traffic areas, Toni's capacity to prepare more than 80 drinks per hour enables it to provide service, dependability, and precision that are unmatched. With 158 bottles of spirits and syrups placed on the ceiling, Toni offers endless cocktail and mocktail recipes.
Its dual mechanical arms, sleek counter, illuminated delivery areas, and interactive displays demonstrate cutting-edge technology. The user-friendly interface and safety features including laser fences and motion sensors bring robotic beverage service a step above.

"Entering Changi Airport is like entering a high-tech, innovative wonderland. Toni meets the airport's mood, bringing modern flair to this tech utopia” says CEO, Emanuele Rossetti "Toni, like Changi Airport, innovates and immerses visitors and is all about connecting today and tomorrow, where technology and hospitality meet.” 


Toni's presence at Changi's airport adds a touch of sophistication to the travel retail landscape, amplifying the reputation of both Changi Airport and Lotte Duty Free as leaders in their respective domains. The convergence of cutting-edge robotics and renowned retail sets a new benchmark for futuristic and immersive airport experiences, making this unveiling a noteworthy moment in the world of travel and hospitality.

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