Makr Shakr shakes up the workplace of the future at Microsoft event in London

June 14th, 2022

Robotic bartender producer Makr Shakr has joined forces with tech giant Microsoft to host a corporate party in its newest office building in London. Not only quenching the thirst of working professionals, the robot also addresses a tidal shift in the role of the physical workplace, facilitating informal social connection among them. Watch this short film to feel the jovial atmosphere!

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Makr Shakr has embarked on an exploration into the post-pandemic society to reimagine new forms of socialization. The collaboration between Makr Shakr and Microsoft serves the dual purpose to inaugurate the latter’s new office building in London, and to celebrate a return to the physical office while the effects of the pandemic eased. Given much of our professional duties can now be carried out from home, the office should emphasize in-person, serendipitous connections to let meaningful relations and ideas geminate. The occasion exactly marks the business world’s changing opinion on the identity of the workplace, with almost 500 cocktails served over the course of two evenings. 



“There are robotic bartenders, and then there is Makr Shakr,” Steve Gleave, Worldwide Marketing Leader of Microsoft’s Azure for Operators division, commented. “Like all the finest Italian products, it is beautifully designed and has some really smooth movements... We [at Microsoft] like to think of ourselves as a leader in the world of software and hardware development. Seeing a product like that, which is a fantastic engineering achievement, really fits with what we are about.”


“Working with a company as reputable as Microsoft allows us to broadcast our vision to a wider audience,” Emanuele Rossetti, Chief Executive Officer of Makr Shakr, said. “Apart from lifestyle-based venues, we have been trying to highlight Toni’s potential to complement the new office and professional events. Nothing brings colleagues and business partners closer than a well-shaken glass of spritz!”

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