Makr Shakr's Robotic Bartender Now Operational at Sandbox VR Birmingham

August 1st, 2023

Updated: August 2nd, 2023

Building on a successful collaboration in London, Makr Shakr has launched a new UK location in Sandbox VR Birmingham. Toni the high-performance robotic bartender, working in tandem with the revered virtual gaming system, will introduce an outstanding entertainment experience to one of the country’s epicenters of technological innovation.

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Makr Shakr, the market leader in the field of robotic bartending, has continued its expansion in the UK market. A year after it set up the first permanent venue in London, its drink-mixing robot Toni is now in service in Birmingham, as a prominent part of Sandbox VR’s latest British outpost. After a virtual reality adventure, the fast-moving bartender will whip up a quick drink for guests with its mechanical arms, amplifying the potential of digital entertainment in the physical domain.

As the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has built a reputation as a formidable tech hub in the last few years. Besides the ever-growing Birmingham Tech Week, it is home to Europe’s largest asset management FinTech innovation hub. Makr Shakr will blend perfectly into these cutting-edge institutions, as it once again joins forces with Sandbox VR in the new lifestyle venture. It is located at Bullring & Grand Central, the city’s biggest shopping center spanning over 13,000 square feet – the largest among all the global Sandbox branches. It is through such a backdrop that robotic bartender Toni serves a growing community passionate about virtual reality and robotics.


Launched in 2019, Toni has not only established itself as the flagship model of Makr Shakr, it has also become the robotic bartender par excellence, capturing the attention of partygoers from across the world. Combining an intuitive ordering interface with an ability to prepare 80 drinks per hour, it works efficiently to quench the thirst of big crowds. Further to that, Toni puts on a spectacle for the patrons through the way its robotic arms muddle ingredients, mix them in a shaker and pour the finished cocktail into a glass, which have been widely shared on social media. 

“Ever since Toni was unveiled at the Sandbox VR London venue, we have received lots of wonderful feedback about the futuristic experience it provides,” Emanuele Rossetti, Chief Executive Officer of Makr Shakr, says. “That is why we are delighted to continue our partnership with a ground-breaking lifestyle concept like Sandbox VR. We share an affinity for exploring the contours of tomorrow’s entertainment, and we are keen to give all Brummies a good time while doing that.”

Sandbox VR Birmingham is the second location the brand has opened in the UK, after the first branch in Covent Garden, London garnered a warm reception. It features an immersive virtual entertainment experience where visitors wear headsets to take on various challenges with their companions. Having won over gamers in Asia and North America, the company is set to strengthen its presence across the British Isles in the near future.

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