Makr Shakr embarks on the world's newest Wonder

May 9th, 2022

Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Seas has brought the Bionic Bar along on its debut in Europe. Powered by Makr Shakr’s robotic arms, the bar dazzled holidaymakers with the most cutting-edge trend in bartending, one that places travelers at the center of the mixologist experience.

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The latest Bionic Bar from Makr Shakr is now open onboard Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Seas, the world’s newest wonder. The highly anticipated ship just set sail from Barcelona, Spain, on its inaugural European cruise in early May. Marrying efficiency with creativity, the Bar showcases new possibilities of bartending where human and machine create delightful memories together. 

Located on deck 5 of Wonder, the Bionic Bar harnesses the advanced technology developed by a team of engineers based in Turin, Italy. Laden with sensors, the two mechanical arms move swiftly to retrieve liquids among 140 bottles and 16 mixers on the top of the kiosk before they perform a series of sophisticated motions – from stirring to muddling to straining to pouring. The robot’s ability to prepare up to 1,000 drinks per day means guests can begin to quench their thirst in no time. 


In addition to their spectacular performance, the robotic arms guarantee seamless service: Holidaymakers can place an order simply through a few clicks on the tablet at the Bar’s kiosk. Not only can they choose from more than 50 alcoholic and non-alcoholic options from the menu – among the most popular are Blue Sky Margarita, a reinvented classic, and the fruity Saturno Fresh – they can also channel their inner mixologists and develop their unique cocktail recipes. The electronic display boards on the side also provide real-time information about the robots’ progress.

Wonder has delivered thousands of holidays across the Caribbean since its U.S. debut in March, and it now begins a summer sailing the Mediterranean from Barcelona and Rome. Featuring eight unique neighborhoods – a Royal Caribbean first – the latest in the cruise line’s revolutionary Oasis Class brings to life variety and innovation across a lineup of unparalleled adventures, more than 40 restaurants, bars and lounges, showstopping entertainment and more. Whether seeing a mesmerizing performance by slackliners, high divers, aerialists, synchronized swimmers and acrobats in the AquaTheater, or getting an adrenaline rush on the tallest slide at slide at sea, The Ultimate Abyss; the zip line or rock-climbing walls, the Bionic Bar is the perfect location for guests to unwind and socialize to cap off the thrills.


“We have been partnering with Royal Caribbean for a long time. In many ways, the evolution of Bionic Bar parallels the cruise company’s growing lineup,” Emanuele Rossetti, the Chief Executive Officer of Makr Shakr, said. “It is not just an innovative and efficient concept. The guests have been an active part in the creative process, and we expect an even more dynamic exchange between human and our robotic bartenders at the world’s newest wonder!”

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