Makr Shakr announces US expansion plan in 2023 amidst F&B rebound

February 28th, 2023

Makr Shakr reveals plans to establish three new American venues in Las Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta. The decision was driven by a confluence of factors such as a rebound of the hospitality industry and an increasing acceptance to automation. It will deploy its signature robot Toni to help partners streamline production and attract customers.

Robotic bartender producer Makr Shakr has begun preparations for a dynamic year, as it will establish new locations in different regions of the US. The company’s flagship drink-mixing robot Toni will be making its first appearance in North America while the food and beverage ventures in the continent are leading the way in the adoption of automation

The hospitality industry in the US has seen a steady growth in the employment of robotic devices. As widely reported in the media, American restaurants and bars have increasingly turned to robots for certain tasks in food and drink preparation. In the face of labor shortage, this move has allowed many businesses in the industry to redistribute their staff members to less monotonous roles. In some cases, being handed a dish or a drink from a robot could also be a novelty that contributes to the overall consumer experience.


Makr Shakr is one of the first players in the US hospitality market to explore using technologies to improve overall workflow, having opened Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas’ prime retail area back in 2015. The brand’s nationwide expansion will feature the introduction of Toni to the North American market through a second outlet in Las Vegas, shortly followed by a collaboration with a multimedia entertainment venue in Dallas. Over to the east coast, the automated bartender will be installed at a tap room in Atlanta, Georgia, adding a futuristic flair to an open and relaxing environment.

The perfect combination of functionality and showmanship, Toni’s two mechanical arms are equipped with essential mixologist skills such as shaking, stirring and muddling. Its well-choreographed moves not only serve as a driver of conversations among patrons, but also help bars deliver up to 80 drinks every hour. In addition, the robot’s ceiling can hold more than 150 bottles, making it possible to create countless drink combinations.  

“After years of experimentation, human-robot collaboration in the hospitality industry has borne fruits,” Emanuele Rossetti, Chief Executive Officer of Makr Shakr, says. “Toni has proven to be an excellent co-worker to human bartenders. We cannot wait to see how everyone in the US will react to its fantastic show!”

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