On August 20th, Makr Shakr On The Road has been officially unveiled at EXPO Milano 2015 as part of Coop’s Future Food District, where it served drinks to EXPO visitors.

Come and experience a completely redesigned user experience – from a new smartphone app to 4 giant LED walls and a pair of magenta-colored robots!

Since the launch of our new mobile unit, there has been quite a lot of interest in the press. Here is a list of all the published news about amazing robotic bar:

Gizmag: “Robo bar exterminates your thirst”
Repubblica: “Expo, the barman is a robot: here are the cocktails of the future”
La Stampa: “Il robot bar arriva all’Expo: i cocktail via sms” 
Corriere: “Arriva a Expo il primo bar robot mobile al mondo”
Il Sole 24 Ore: “In Expo Makr Shakr, il bar robotico che crea cocktail su misura”
Gazzetta.it: “A Expo il primo barista robot”
EXPO 2015 news “Your cocktail shaken or stirred by a robot”
Fine Dining Lovers: “Makr Shakr: il robot bartender che trovate a Expo Milano 2015”
Askanews: “In Expo Makr Shakr, il bar robot che crea cocktail su misura”
Il Giorno: “A Expo arrivano i cocktail perfetti del robot-barman”

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