We are a value driven company

We believe in human ingenuity

A period of automation-driven disruption does seem to loom ahead. This is why at Makr Shakr we launched the “Automation Stipend” program: the first of its kind in the world. For each robot we sell, we allocate a sum to a person’s training for upskilling and get them ready for tomorrow’s profession. As inventor-philosopher Buckminster Fuller once said: “We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.” Makr Shakr wants to put future back in the hands of humans.

We are an interdisciplinary team

We love challenges. And we know innovation involves risk. But we’re okay with that. Since the beginning of our work, we knew we were being disruptive. No one ever learned to swim staying in the shallow end… We’ve always welcomed people from different backgrounds, different mindsets and disciplines. Yes, we’re a robotics firm, but we also have designers, engineers, and writers. We are passionate about our work and each piece of robotics that comes out of our factory is the perfect encounter of design and technology.

We come from Torino, the city where Vermouth was created

With Makr Shakr, the passion for cocktails and flair for design meet in a pair of robotic arms. The bar system combines future robotics with Italian design roots –being developed in the Italian birthplace of Vermouth. The system explores the new dynamics of social creation, with users as designers: “design, make and enjoy”. Over the last few years, Makr Shakr’s robotic arms have served over 2 million drinks, with peaks of 800 cocktails produced per night. The company received the prestigious D&AD and Core77 awards.

Technical partners